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"To Be Released" Domain Names: Instructions

Dot-CA names that are not renewed within 30 days after the expiry of their registration period are placed by CIRA into a status known as "To Be Released" (TBR) status prior to being released for general registration. You can see the exact date a domain name will be released once in TBR status by visiting, using the egateDOMAINS TBR interface. All domains with the same TBR date are released during the "TBR Period" on that day.

CIRA's TBR policy aims to make registration of domain names orderly and fair for the multiple parties that desire multiple domain names on the same day. Each registrar is limited in the number and frequency of registrations it can make during the "TBR Period". Each registrar is allowed to pre-select the order in which they make requests for its clients.

Why us?

egateDOMAINS has partnered with nine other CIRA certified registrars to provide registrants seeking TBR domain names with an easy and reliable way to register TBR domains through all ten partner registrars in a single interface.

Our system works as follows: *

  • Orders can be placed at any time—even when the domain has not expired—up to 30 minutes before the name is released.
  • You only pay for the registrations we successfully register on your behalf. There are no fees to use the system or place a bid.
  • When more than one customer in our system requests the same domain name, our system starts a simple auction for all parties with the highest bidder being the order our systems will transmit.
  • The value of bids determines the order in which requests are transmitted to the registry, highest bid first.
  • Among equal bids for different domains, the order is determined by first-come, first-served.

How to Register TBR Domains: Step by step

Note: If you have never registered a TBR domain name you will probably benefit from calling our helpdesk and having a staff member walk you through the process of setting up your bid. The registry imposes strict rules on how a TBR domain name can be registered and any error on your part will most likely result in you not registering the domain name. Please contact as us EARLY as possible to assist you.

  1. Setup an egateDOMAINS customer account by clicking here (opens new window).
  2. Login to your account and click "Login to TBR System". Login to the TBR System using the same username and password.
  3. Setup a registration profile. This profile will determine which valid CIRA Registrant your domains are registered under.
  4. Enter the domain name(s) you wish to register and your preliminary bid for each.
  5. Deposit or pre-authorize funds in your account to cover the balance of your orders.
  6. That's it!

Our system will notify you when you successfully register a domain name, or if someone has placed a bid that exceeds one you have already placed.

Upon successful registration, the bid amount will be charged to your credit card or deducted from your account.

If you need any assistance please contact us!

* egateDOMAINS reserves the right to change TBR policies without notice. Policies stated are guidelines and actual implementation may vary due to various factors including but not limited to system error, design flaw, and staff discretion.